目标:在清洁水和空气方面赢得联邦政府的积极行动, 保护, 全球变暖和清洁能源.


自然界的命运取决于无数的决定, 包括华盛顿制造的, D.C. 在2020年的竞选中, President Biden promised to restore common sense and sound science to our country's environmental policies. 我们的维.C.-based lobbying team works to build the public and political support necessary to once again put our federal government to work improving the quality of our air and water, 保护美国的开放空间和野生动物, and embracing the clean energy future that can sustain a livable climate for our children and grandchildren.

  • <h4>OUR PUBLIC LANDS</h4><h5>We’re working to protect our national monuments and other special places from oil and gas drilling, logging, mining and commercial fishing.</h5><div><a style="padding: 8px 15px 10px 10px; font-family: 'open_sansbold' !important; color: #fff; border: none; border-radius: 5px; background-color: #FF0000;" href="http://environmentamerica.webaction.org/p/dia/action4/common/public/?action_KEY=42201">TAKE ACTION</a></div><em>Mike Peters via Shutterstock.com</em>
  • <h4>CLEAN ENERGY & GLOBAL WARMING</h4><h5>We’re calling for the expansion and extension of clean energy tax credits.</h5><div><a style="padding: 8px 15px 10px 10px; font-family: 'open_sansbold' !important; color: #fff; border: none; border-radius: 5px; background-color: #FF0000;" href="http://environmentamerica.webaction.org/p/dia/action4/common/public/?action_KEY=42202">TAKE ACTION</a></div><em>WestBoundary Photography Chris Gill</em>
  • <h4>OUR WATER</h4><h5>We’re standing up for the promise of the 干净的水 Act by working with the Biden administration to repeal the Dirty Water Rule.</h5> <div><a style="padding: 8px 15px 10px 10px; font-family: 'open_sansbold' !important; color: #fff; border: none; border-radius: 5px; background-color: #FF0000;" href="http://environmentamerica.webaction.org/p/dia/action4/common/public/?action_KEY=42205">TAKE ACTION</a></div><em>Nicholas Thomas</em>

美国环境协会正在监测在这些问题上做出的决定, 努力影响这些决定, and reporting back to our members and the public on whether our elected officials acted for or against the environment. Our litigation team is also continuing to pursue the lawsuits we’ve filed to block Trump-era rollbacks of our environmental protections.



We live in a world of incredible material abundance, but we’re running short on nature. 为了保护我们热爱的野生环境,我们正在努力:

北极熊的巢穴, 北美驯鹿和所有50个州的候鸟, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is one of the last truly wild places left on Earth. In 2017, 特朗普政府开放了北极保护区供石油和天然气钻探, 这会伤害那里的野生动物,并进一步威胁我们的气候.

拜登总统暂停了新的租赁销售. 现在, we’re urging Congress to undo the mandate that requires oil lease sales in the refuge and give this rugged landscape the permanent protection it deserves. 采取行动.

从红杉林到墨西哥湾流, 15 American presidents have protected some of our country’s most beautiful places as national monuments. But the previous administration shrank the boundaries of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments and allowed commercial fishing within the boundaries of the Northeast Canyons & 海底山海洋国家纪念碑.

这是大自然的胜利, 拜登总统于10月8日恢复了对所有三个纪念碑的保护, 2021. 阅读更多.

这里的树木比美国还古老, the Tongass National Forest in Alaska is the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest. After the Trump administration moved to open wild areas within this ancient forest to logging, 我们提起诉讼来阻止它.

2020年12月, 美国环境部加入了地球正义, 自然资源保护委员会, Indigenous tribes and small businesses in suing the Trump administration to vacate a rule that exempted the Tongass from the protections of the 2001 Roadless Rule. 2021年,拜登政府上台 宣布 他们会恢复对汤加斯人的保护. 


清洁能源 & 全球变暖

在一个更环保, 更健康的世界, 我们将只依赖清洁和可再生的能源, 这样就减少了对环境的破坏. 利用风能和太阳能, 并解决全球变暖污染的最大来源, 我们关注这些活动:

我们的目标是一个100%由可再生能源驱动的未来, 我们越早到达那里, 我们就能更快地享受到清洁空气的好处, 更清洁的水和更稳定的气候. Federal tax credits have been one of our best mechanisms for supporting renewable energy, 但其中许多信贷将在未来一两年到期.

We’re calling on Congress to update and extend a suite of clean energy tax incentives through 2030 to keep renewable energy growing in America. 采取行动.

America’s offshore wind resources are vast and have the technical potential to meet our current electricity needs more than twice over. But at the beginning of 2021, there were only two offshore wind projects in the United States. 一个关键的障碍是联邦政府批准新项目的程序, 哪一个是冗长的和可能延迟的.

We’re calling on the Biden administration to cut the red tape on offshore wind permitting to minimize delays and prioritize timely, 负责发展风能. 采取行动.

Eliminating senseless energy waste creates big savings — for our planet, our climate and our health. 作为额外的好处,它甚至能降低能源费用.

2019年11月, Environment America filed suit against the Trump administration after it created a loophole in energy efficiency standards for lightbulbs. 诉讼正在进行中, 如果成功, 我们可以堵住这个漏洞,让我们的灯泡更高效.

了解更多伟德国际app的清洁,绿色 & 可再生能源项目.

Transportation is now America’s number one source of global warming pollution. 如果不改变我们的出行方式,我们根本无法解决全球变暖问题. 实现零碳运输的未来, we're urging Congress and the Biden administration to build a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations; electrify buses; expand transit; and help communities make their streets safe for walking and biking. 了解更多伟德国际app的目的地:零碳运动.


几十年前, some people thought polluted rivers and streams were the price we had to pay for progress. That’s not the world we live in anymore, nor is it the future our children deserve. 我们将重点关注两项清洁和保护水资源的优先活动:

美国所有的水道都应该对游泳和其他娱乐活动安全. 然而,每年, 数十亿加仑的污水和径流污染流入我们的河流, 海湾和海滩, 把我们的健康和野生动物置于危险之中. We can prevent this pollution by restoring nature’s ability to absorb stormwater and by fixing failing treatment plants.

We're urging Congress to dramatically increase water infrastructure funding so we can end sewage overflows and make all our waterways safe for swimming. 采取行动.

从美国的大河到雄伟的湖泊和海湾, 我们的水道依赖湿地和溪流来保持健康和清洁. Yet the Trump administration’s Dirty Water Rule stripped away 干净的水 Act protections from more than half of our nation's wetlands — as well as streams that help provide drinking water to millions of people.

We're calling on the Biden administration to repeal the Dirty Water Rule and restore protections to all of America's waterways. 采取行动.

In April 2020, Environment America also sued the Trump administration to vacate the Dirty Water Rule. 我们的诉讼正在进行中, 如果成功, 它将恢复《伟德国际app》对许多水体的保护.

了解更多伟德国际app的清洁水 & 空气程序.

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我们的国家游说团也在努力 这些行动 for 保护, clean energy, global warming solutions, clean air and clean water. 和, we're reporting back to our members and the public on whether decisionmakers are doing right by our environment.



新政府上台后, we have new opportunities to advance the cause of environmental protection in our country. 和 with a closely divided Congress, we must be vigilant and vocal in our advocacy.

环境美国不仅在华盛顿. Our network of 29 state environmental groups gives us a broader perspective on the issues and a broader array of voices — including those of our state staff, our state members and our allies in multiple state coalitions — to the decision-making tables in D.C.


当决定影响我们呼吸的空气, 我们饮用的水和我们热爱的地方都是在华盛顿创造的, D.C., Environment America is there to speak and act on your behalf and on behalf of the environment we all share. 为了保持消息灵通和积极主动, 注册我们的电子邮件列表,请继续 脸谱网 或与我们联系 推特.